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Helping People Who Have ADHD Gain Control of Their Lives, Take Action to Meet Their Goals and Live an Extraordinary Life.

Do You Feel Stressed and Overwhelmed?

Life is chaotic and out of control.

Feeling lost with no direction.

Cannot meet goals and expectations.

Great ideas but no follow through.

Over scheduled and out of time.

ADHD doesn't define your potential. With support, you can lead a successful, creative, and fulfilling life. And I can show you how.



ADHD Coaching Can Help
You Feel Successful

Learn and use strategies for day to day success.

Get things done.

Feel focused and determined.

Create a life that fits.

ADHD Coaching Offers A Myriad of Benefits
That Can Be Transformative

Personalized Guidance

ADHD coaching is tailored to an individual's unique needs, helping them understand their specific challenges and strengths.

Skill Development

Coaches work on developing practical skills for time management, organization, and focus, empowering clients to better manage their daily lives.

Goal Achievement

Coaches help clients set and achieve meaningful goals, whether in academics, career, or personal life, fostering a sense of accomplishment.


Success in managing ADHD symptoms boosts self-confidence and self-esteem, reducing feelings of frustration and self-doubt.

Enhanced Productivity

Clients learn strategies to enhance productivity, helping them stay on track and accomplish tasks efficiently.

Stress Reduction

Coaching equips individuals with tools to reduce stress and overwhelm, promoting mental well-being.

Better Relationships

Improved communication and interpersonal skills enable clients to build healthier relationships with friends, family, and colleagues.


ADHD coaching empowers individuals to take control of their lives, make informed decisions, and embrace their unique traits as strengths.


Coaches provide accountability, ensuring clients stay committed to their goals and plans.

Long-Term Success

Coaching goes beyond short-term fixes, promoting sustainable strategies that lead to lasting improvements in daily functioning.


“I cannot recommend ADHD coaching with Jean enough. When I first started coaching I knew very little about my ADHD. However, by the end of my coaching experience, I had a greater understanding of how my ADHD impacted my life and I gained the skills and resources to work with my ADHD, not against it. Working with Jean was an amazing experience, Jean went above and beyond and even offered an ADHD group outside of work hours for clients to connect with others struggling with the same issues. Jean was patient, caring, and funny, and I always felt like I had someone rooting for me. I am constantly raving about Jean to my friends and family would highly recommend ADHD coaching!”

E.O., Coaching Client

“From the first session with Jean, I felt deeply understood. She was able to identify and describe parts of myself that I've always struggled with - many of them are connected to my ADHD and I didn't even realize it. She's helped me learn and implement skills that have been small lifts with big impact. So many breakthroughs and so much progress. I've never worked with anyone like Jean before – she is a tremendously skilled and gifted therapist and coach.”

G.G., Coaching client

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