About Jean Tidd

I Believe People With ADHD Are
Undeniably Badass!

We possess an unparalleled zest for life, an unbreakable spirit, and a relentless determination that can move mountains. Our creativity knows no bounds, and we thrive on challenges that would leave others in awe. Our ability to hyperfocus on our passions transforms us into unstoppable forces of nature, achieving feats that seem impossible to others. With an electrifying energy that defies convention, we embrace life with an unapologetic intensity that's nothing short of extraordinary.

I specialize in helping people with ADHD who want to move beyond just living with ADHD to where they're thriving, and their unique blend of brilliance, resilience, and fearlessness makes them feel truly successful in every sense of the word.

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My Story

Hi, I'm Jean Tidd

I'm a Licensed Independent Social Worker and an ADHD Certified Clinical Services Provider. I work with people who experience symptoms of ADHD and/or impaired executive functioning and emotional dysregulation.

My goal is to help you stop fighting your brain and make it your ally, creating the life that works best for you.

My Journey To Becoming An ADHD Coach

I was diagnosed with ADHD while I was in graduate school, over 30 years ago. I was relieved to finally understand my unique challenges. It was the missing piece to my puzzle. I am also raising children with ADHD. My life experiences are what lead me to become the ADHD expert and coach I am today.

Helping People Become Badass Is What I Look
Forward To Every Day

Being an ADHD coach is an amazing experience. I thrive on guiding others to discover solutions and witnessing their lives flourish. My approach instills confidence, resilience and the audacity to succeed on your own terms, making you feel truly BADASS!


I Have A Natural
Ability To:

Understand people's experiences

Collaborate with people to set goals and help them reach them

Accept people for who they are and in their current life circumstances

Explain ADHD in an easy to understand way

I'm known for my killer listening skills, sense of humor and the ability to ignite people's inner strengths.

Our Sessions Are Focused On You

Sessions offer a supportive environment for you to express yourself. I prioritize collaboration, goal-setting, skills and strategies tailored to your unique needs and concerns. There's no one-size-fits-all approach. Together we'll work towards your self-discovery and success.

As An ADHD coach

I Embrace The Following

I believe my work is about breaking through barriers, and embracing the strengths that often accompany ADHD.

I focus on equipping people with practical skills and strategies. My style is compassionate, yet unapologetically direct, challenging clients to conquer distractions and follow through.

The Professional Stuff

My Professional Background

I received my Bachelor of Art degree in social work at Ohio University. I completed my Masters in Social Work at the Ohio State University in 1996. I hold an LISW-S license in the State of Ohio.

I spent 20 years as an adjunct teacher in both the undergraduate and graduate social work programs at the Ohio Sate University. I have spent the past 27 years perfecting my craft ,as a therapist and coach, with a particular focus and specialty in working with people living with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder.


Let’s Discover How I Can Help

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